Our Story

CV Amartha Indotama was founded in 2004 within the Javanese neighborhood of Bantul. Within the tropical and historical environs of Jogjakarta, CV Amartha Indotama has emerged from a small experimental industry to a refined company of the twenty-first century.



With mindset along with a strong social aspect to the products CV Amartha Indotama would produce designs that would enhance the shared spaces and valued traditions for people from diverse and varied backgrounds. Over the past 8 years the character of CV Amartha Indotama Products has endured while being enriched by individuals equally passionate about the quality and creativity of hand-crafted and well thought-out designs.


From design concept to packing and shipping, the quality behind CV Amartha Indotama 's products owes itself to the attention of responsibility and skill applied at every phase of its production process. Each component of the process is fulfilled on site at the factory in Jogjakarta and our design team take pride in creating custom made products especially designed for you.


Using the fines of raw materials unique formulas are used to mix the body material for bases such as terrazzo. Our specific products included: Buddha Statue, Modern Statue of Terrazzo Cement, Root Furniture with distinctive in finishing touch, various handicraft based on wooden material which is 100% made for export with capacity of 4 x 40``HC container per month. Our main export destinations are Western Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.
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